The Best South American Countries to Visit

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List of the best South American countries to visit, as ranked by travelers all over the world. For many people, taking a vacation in South America is a dream come true. The culture in South American countries is unlike anywhere else in the world, which can’t be replicated. In South America,you can visit the breathtaking beauty of the Igazu Falls, experience the once in a lifetime atmosphere of the Amazon Rainforest, or climb the Sugarloaf mountains. Countries in South America are known for their strong ties to their culture and community celebrations like dance festivals, parades, and carnivals so big that they shut down whole towns. The beaches in countries like Braziland Argentina are known for being some of the most beautiful and enjoyable in the world.

This list answers the question, “What are the best countriesin South America to visit?” If you are a huge sports lover, you may enjoywatching soccer in one of Chile’s world-class stadiums. Those who are interestedin tasting the best food in the world are sure to love Brazil. Countries likeVenezuela and Peru have the finest museums, art, and literature culture inSouth America.

No matter what your individual interests are, there is sureto be a South American country that will satisfy your vacation desires.

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