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The Best Musical Artists From South Dakota

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List RulesOnly artists born or raised in South Dakota or bands formed in South Dakota.

Here are the best artists and bands from South Dakota. South Dakota has many attractions that draw people from all over the United States. Mount Rushmore, which bears the likeness of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt, is a massive monument to the men who helped build America. It serves to represent where the country has been, where it is now, and where it should go in the future. It is a good old-fashioned piece of classic Americana, much like the music that has come out of the state over the years. 

Many of the most famous musical artists from South Dakota play in the country and folk genres. However, indie rock is also popular in the region. There are plenty of venues in the area for singers and bands to perform in. The state is also home to a number of music festivals. Each year, the city of Sioux Falls hosts a Jazz and Blues Festival. Additionally, the state has had the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally every summer since 1982 where plenty of classic rockers have performed. Other popular South Dakota artists include Paradise Fears, The Kickback, Bob Stewart, and The Spill Canvas.

Check out this list of South Dakota musical artists. You may just come across some acts you listen to all the time. You may also find some awesome new artists to listen to for the first time. 

  • The Spill Canvas1

    The Spill Canvas

    Alternative Rock

    AlbumsSunsets & Car Crashes, One Fell Swoop, No Really, I'm Fine, Denial Feels So Good

    The Spill Canvas is an American alternative acoustic band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota....  more
  • Shawn Colvin2

    Shawn Colvin

    Rock music, Folk music

    AlbumsSteady On, A Few Small Repairs, Whole New You, Holiday Songs and Lullabies, These Four Walls

    Shawn Colvin (born January 10, 1956) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. While...  more
  • Indigenous3


    Blues-rock, Rock music

    AlbumsThings We Do, Indigenous, Circle, Vanishing Americans, The Acoustic Sessions

    Indigenous is an American blues rock group that came to prominence in the late 1990s. The band...  more
  • Blacklite District4

    Blacklite District

    Nu metal, Dubstep

    AlbumsWith Me Now

    Blacklite District is an electronic hard rock band hailing from Spearfish, South Dakota,...  more
  • Jerry Burke5
    Jerry Burke (July 26, 1911 – February 13, 1965) was a musician who played the organ and piano...  more
  • Kid Dakota6

    Kid Dakota

    Indie rock

    AlbumsThe West is the Future, So Pretty, Listen to the Crows as They Take Flight, A Winner's Shadow

    Kid Dakota is the musical moniker of Darren Jackson. He started performing as "Kid Dakota and...  more
  • Brulé7


    Pop music, Rock music
    Brulé & AIRO is a contemporary Native American New Age/Worldbeat music group based in South...  more
  • Judd Hoos8
    Judd Hoos is an American rock band based in Sturgis, South Dakota. The band's line up consists...  more
  • Earth Groans9

    Earth Groans

    Hardcore punk
    Earth Groans is a hardcore punk band that formed in May 2015. The band is from South Dakota....  more
  • Bob Stewart10

    AlbumsThen & Now, Bluebells, First Line, Connections: Mind the Gap

    Bob Stewart (born February 3, 1945 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota), is an American jazz tuba...  more
  • The Kickback11

    The Kickback

    Indie rock
    The Kickback is an American indie rock band from Vermillion, South Dakota formed in 2006. The...  more
  • Paradise Fears12

    Paradise Fears

    Paradise Fears are an American alternative, pop-rock band from Vermillion, South Dakota. On...  more
  • We All Have Hooks For Hands13

    We All Have Hooks For Hands

    Indie pop, Indie folk


    We All Have Hooks for Hands is a folk pop group from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, U.S.A. In...  more
  • Sam Outlaw14

    Sam Outlaw

    Country, Honky tonk

    AlbumsAngeleno, Tenderheart

    Sam Morgan (born July 28, 1982), professionally known as Sam Outlaw, is a country music...  more
  • Scatter Their Own15
    Scatter Their Own is a Rock duo (formed in 2012) made of Scotti Clifford (Guitarist and...  more
  • Haley Bonar16

    Haley Bonar

    Folk music, Alternative country

    AlbumsMinnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt, The Size of Planets, Haley Bryn Bonar, Lure the Fox, Big Star

    Haley McCallum (born 1983), professionally known as Haley and formerly Haley Bonar, is a...  more
  • John Cacavas17

    John Cacavas

    Film score

    AlbumsJohn Cacavas: Hits of the Sixties, From London With Love: The Music of James Bond (London Symphony Orchestra), John Cacavas and the Palm Court Society Orchestra, Behind The Scenes, Airport 1975

    John Harry Cacavas (August 13, 1930 – January 28, 2014) was an American composer and conductor...  more
  • Jonathan May18
    Jonathan May (October 9, 1958 – February 27, 2010) was an American cellist and conductor. He...  more
  • Jess Thomas19
    Jess Thomas (August 4, 1927 – October 11, 1993) was an American operatic tenor, best known for...  more
  • Ronald Holgate20
    Ronald Holgate (born May 26, 1937, Aberdeen, South Dakota) is an American actor and opera...  more
  • Haley McCallum21

    Haley McCallum

  • Thomas Dunn22
    Thomas Dunn (December 21, 1925 – October 26, 2008) was an American musician and music editor...  more
  • Dorothy Provine23
    Dorothy Michelle Provine (January 20, 1935 – April 25, 2010) was an American singer, dancer,...  more
  • Floyd Red Crow Westerman24
    Floyd Westerman, also known as Kanghi Duta i.e. "Red Crow" in Dakota (August 17, 1936 –...  more
  • Vertexguy25


    Rock music, Heavy metal
    Christopher Paul "Chris" Kline (born August 8, 1979 in Yankton, South Dakota) is an American...  more