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The Best South Korean Movies Of 2020

With the success of Bong Joon-ho's Parasite audiences are looking for the best South Korean movies of 2020. Take a look at the list below for your chance to vote on the top 2020 South Korean films. There are also plenty of ways to watch these outstanding movies such as in theaters, Netflix, Hulu, Viki, and Amazon Prime. But you get to help decide the best Korean film of 2020 with your votes!

Vote up the 2020 Korean films you thought were great and vote down any you never want to see again. Be sure to check back for new and upcoming South Korean films as they are released later this year.

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    #Alive is a 2020 South Korean zombie film directed by Cho Il-hyung. The rapid spread of an unknown infection has left an entire city in ungovernable chaos, but one survivor remains alive in isolation.  ...more
    • Actors: Yoo Ah-in, Park Shin-hye, Lee Hyun-wook
    • Directed by: Cho Il-hyung
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    Night in Paradise is a 2021 South Korean drama film directed by Park Hoon-jung, starring Uhm Tae-goo, Jeon Yeo-been and Cha Seung-won. After his sister and nephew are murdered because he tried to leave his gang, Tae-goo flees to Jeju Island where he meets Jae-yeon, a terminally ill woman.  ...more
    • Actors: Tae-goo Eom, Yeo-bin Jeon, Seung-Won Cha
    • Directed by: Park Hoon-jung
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    Hitman: Agent Jun

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    Hitman: Agent Jun is a 2020 South Korean action comedy film directed by Choi Won-sub. After faking his death to pursue his passion for creating comics, a legendary hitman agent (Kwon Sang-woo) accidentally uploads a comic based on his past life, and soon enough, he becomes a global target.  ...more
    • Actors: Kwon Sang-woo, Jung Joon-ho, Hwang Woo-seul-hye
    • Directed by: Choi Won-sub
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    Beasts Clawing at Straws is a 2020 South Korean drama thriller film directed by Kim Young-hoon. A struggling restaurant owner (Bae Sung-woo), caring for his sick mom, finds a bag of cash in a sauna locker, while a customs officer (Jung Woo-sung) gets into trouble when his girlfriend (Jeon Do-yeon) runs off with money he borrowed from a loan shark.  ...more
    • Actors: Jung Woo-sung, Bae Sung-woo, Jeon Do-yeon
    • Directed by: Kim Young-hoon
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