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The Best Halloween Episodes On 'South Park'

Here are the best South Park Halloween episodes, including new episodes from the latest season. Whether you're looking for the one where Cartman and the boys dress up as the Avengers in "A Nightmare on Face Time" or when Ike gets possessed by Michael Jackson in "Dead Celebrities," this list of South Park Halloween episodes also includes popular fan favorites, like "Pinkeye," "Spookyfish," and "Sons a Witches." What is your favorite Halloween episode from South Park

Vote up the best South Park Halloween specials, and see where they rank among the funniest South Park episodes of all time.

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  • The living dead beset South Park after a bottle of Worcestershire sauce mixes with embalming fluid at the mortuary; Tina Yothera judged a costume contest.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Cartman: I just want to say: I love you guys, I do... except you Kyle.

    Puffy: So remember kids, dressing up like Hitler in school isn't cool.

    Kyle: Oh my God! I killed Kenny. You Bastard!

    • Original Airing: Oct 29 1997
    • Season: South Park - Season 1
    • Episode Number: 7
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  • The boys are excited to go Trick-or-Treating, dressed as the Avengers, but Stan is unable to come because Randy has bought a Blockbuster Video franchise location in South Park and needs everybody ready to help with the Halloween rental rush.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Cartman: It's Stan's sutpid Captain America costume, that's what's throwing everybody off. How is everybody supposed to get that I'm the Hulk when Captain America is on freakin' Face Time!
    Kenny: Trick-or-Treat!
    Mr. Peterson: Ooohhh! It's the Avengers!
    Cartman: That's right!
    Man at the next house: Oh, and Honey Boo Boo! Kids, come see the green Honey Boo Boo!

    Randy Marsh: Stan! I'm coming Stanny Boy!

    • Original Airing: Oct 24 2012
    • Season: South Park - Season 16
    • Episode Number: 12
    • Series: South Park
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  • Photo: South Park / Comedy Central

    Satan returns to Earth to throw a huge members-only Halloween party in Los Angeles, and the boys keep summoning the ghost of Biggie Smalls--which means that he's going to miss the party.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Biggie Smalls: This is your fault, homie. You've got to get me to Los Angeles, or I'm gonna smoke your *ss.
    Butters: Oh, hamburgers!

    Satan: This party has to be the bomb! Don't you get it?! When everyone sees the Ferrari cake, they will shudder and know my greatness!

    • Original Airing: Oct 25 2006
    • Season: South Park - Season 10
    • Episode Number: 11
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  • At the annual Halloween get together, a witch casts a spell that terrorizes everyone.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Cartman: Okay, first of all, we need a scary place to lure her into. What is the creepiest place in town? Ross Dress for Less, that's right. Stan and Kyle will wait inside the Ross Dress for Less, and I will bring Heidi there. Once inside, Kenny and Butters will set off a series of explosions that will-
    Stan: Wait wait wait wait. What the fuck are you talking about?
    Cartman: This is how we're going to get rid of Heidi.
    Kyle: Nobody's talking about getting rid of Heidi!
    Cartman: You guys said you would help me get rid of her!
    Kyle: OF THE WITCH!
    Cartman: Who cares about a witch?! My life is a living hell, you guys!
    Kyle: Then break up with her! You clearly can't stand her! LET THE POOR GIRL GO!
    Cartman: I've tried! It's impossible!

    Garrison: Everybody follow me! I've got tons of Jack, tons of crack, and a jet!
    The Men: Party's back on! We did it, guys!

    • Original Airing: Oct 25 2017
    • Season: 21
    • Episode Number: 6
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