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All South Park Religion Episodes, Ranked

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Fans of South Park know Trey Parker and Matt Stone are equal opportunity offenders who parody the spectrum of religious beliefs, lampooning everything from atheism to zealous Christianity. South Park devotees live for all those cringe-worthy moments that give the show its reputation for exploring difficult topics without hesitation. Here, you'll find a fan ranking of all the South Park episodes that touch on religion. 

Televangelists, missionaries, and Christian rock bands face their fair share of scrutiny on South Park, but a lack of faith will not protect you from Parker and Stone's scorn. “Go God Go,” which is set in the year 2546, features a petty, drawn-out war between the atheists. These kinds of episodes have been met with equal parts praise and condemnation. "Trapped in the Closet,” the Scientology episode, was so controversial it caused a voice actor to walk off the show. South Park has never shied away from being controversial as the creators have always been willing to embroil themselves in scandal for the sake of making a point

What are the best South Park religion episodes? Make your voice heard and vote up the funniest, smartest takes on religion below! 

  • This episode lampoons Mel Gibson's controversial The Passion of the Christ. Kyle finally sees the movie and fears Cartman's anti-Semitic rhetoric about Jewish people may have been right all along. In the B-plot, however, Stan and Kenny visit Mel Gibson and find him completely out of touch with reality. 

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      The boys join David Blaine's cult, the Blaintologists, only to discover they've essentially been brainwashed. Stan recruits Jesus and a team of Super Best Friends, which includes Mohammed, to save Kyle from the cult's suicide pact. This episode was highly controversial for showing an image of Mohammed. 

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        The boys win the mother lode, a candy coupon from Lolly's Candy Factory. The only problem is that before Kenny died he was given the responsibility of holding the winning ticket. The boys surmise that they can reclaim their prize by building a ladder to heaven and the adults, thinking the gang sincerely wants to visit their dead friend, don't have the heart to intervene.

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        • The boys are terrified of going to hell following Father Maxi's sermon. They also wonder if Timmy will automatically go to hell because he is unable to confess his sins. The episode critiques inspiring faith via fear. 

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