Songs The Best Songs in the History of South Park  

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Since the very first episode of the show, South Park has been entertaining us with hilarious and often inappropriate songs that make us laugh and want to sing along. The songs that Matt and Trey write for South Park aren't just funny; they're most often well crafted and catchy as well. Their 1999 movie South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut is essentially a musical, but on this list, we're focusing only on songs from the show.

Featuring classics like the Kanye West song "Gay Fish," the anime theme "Let's Fighting Love," and the boy's pop song "Fingerbang," it's definitely not easy to pick the funniest song from South Park. With all these funny songs from the show, is it any surprise that The Book of Mormon is such a popular musical? Vote for your favorite songs from South Park, and feel free to add ones if you think they deserve to be on this list.