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The Best 'South Park' Episodes Featuring Towelie

List RulesEpisodes that are about (or at least feature) Towelie in more than just a passing cameo.

South Park’s known for introducing some crazy characters (ManBearPig, Mr. Hanky, Saddam Hussein), but none or as popular—or as consistently stoned—as Towelie. Making his debut back in 2001, some of the best Towelie episodes feature everyone's favorite pot-smoking towel getting stuck in some sticky situations. Once described as “the worst character ever,” Towelie’s gone on to nab himself a top stop in South Park’s ever-rotating totem of recurring characters. As Randy’s right-hand man towel on Tegridy Farms, recent South Park episodes have included Towelie in a more prominent role, proving he’s way more than just your everyday weed-lovin’ towel.

What are your favorite Towelie episodes? After his self-titled inaugural debut, his next big part came in the episode "A Million Little Fibers," where he promoted his autobiography on Oprah but failed to mention that he exaggerated some of the details, including the fact that was claiming he was a man and not, in fact, a sentient towel. And then there's "Crippled Summer," the so-called Towelie intervention episode, where the boys have to help Towelie get clean once and for all. 

Whether you think he's one of the best (or worst) characters on the show, vote up the best Towelie moments that feature him in a major role. 


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    Mexican Joker

    Cartman decides to pull a prank on Kyle by calling ICE on his family and getting them sent to detention camps. There, Kyle informs the agents that by treating everyone so poorly, they're going to end up creating a supervillain. Kyle leads the Hispanic children in a Jewish ceremony, and as soon as the agents become worried about how this looks, they release everyone immediately. 

    Meanwhile, Randy and Towelie get in an argument. Randy wants to sell the company to a big corporation while Towelie wants to keep it small. Towelie berates Randy by calling him a towel, which apparently is used as some sort of insult.

    Best line: "Med Men? But, those guys are posers."

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      Bike Parade

      There's chaos at the local Amazon Fulfillment Center as the workers go on strike. This proves to be a godsend for Randy because everyone wants to smoke weed to cope. Meanwhile, the boys are upset because they can't get the parts they need to complete their bikes for the upcoming bike parade. 

      Randy's worried this boom in business won't last. Fortunately, Towelie comes up with the idea to deliver weed to people on e-scooters. That way they'll be completely unaware of all the other weed farms in town. It turns out to be a success because with everyone in town high on weed, they no longer need Amazon. 

      Best line: "We now have three levels of membership for our weed. There's Tegridy, Tegridy Plus, and Tegridy Elite. But you don't want to be elite, 'cause elite's got no Tegridy."

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        Christmas Snow

        Everyone in South Park is disappointed that alcohol is no longer permitted during the holiday season because they all wanted to drive drunk. Everyone loses their holiday spirit, but then Randy starts selling a special kind of weed called Christmas Snow that's laced with cocaine. 

        Eventually, Santa passes a bill outlawing weed for the holiday season. Randy and Towelie react to this by selling weed-free Christmas Snow, which is literally just pure cocaine. Jesus and Santa try some, and they both come to the conclusion that it's pretty amazing. Jesus makes it snow cocaine all over the town, and everyone gets to driving. 

        Best line: "Okay, so how about we combine- what's left of the Mexican Joker with some of the Season Finale?"

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        • Timmy and Jimmy have their sights set on winning the camp game at Lake Tardicaca. However, Nathan and his cohort Mimsy have other plans in mind. They stage various schemes to get Jimmy killed or maimed, which always end up backfiring on Nathan. Jimmy's team ends up winning the big game. 

          Meanwhile, the boys stage an intervention for Towelie, who's now addicted to crystal meth. Afterward, Towelie agrees to go to rehab, and at the end of the episode, it's revealed he's gotten back together with his girlfriend and son, Washcloth. 

          Best line: "Who wants to get their d**k sucked by a towel?"

          • Original Airing: Apr 28 2010
          • Season: South Park - Season 14
          • Episode Number: 7
          • Series: South Park
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