The Best Southern Dishes

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Head on down south of the Mason-Dixon Line, y'all, and make yourself at home!  The best Southern dishes are a combination of sweet dishes, savory dishes, and the best Creole cooking in the world. Some of the best pies, the tastiest fried foods, and the guiltiest pleasures in food have their origins in Southern cuisine, and this list of greatest dishes from the South lets you vote on which of the tasty regional treats are the best.

Think there's nothing better than biscuits and gravy? Love the spicy kick of some jambalaya? Ready to let loose on some key lime pie? You're at no loss for great Cajun delights and delicious Creole specialties on this list of Southern food favorites. If you don't see one of your favorite Southern dishes in the mix, make sure to add it so others can get to know (and taste), the best of Southern cooking.

What are the best Creole dishes? What are the top Cajun specialties? What are the best foods from the South? You'll find some great Southern foods to love on this list of food specialties from the South. Just try not to get too hungry looking at it!
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