The Best Southern Gospel Bands/Artists

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While there are tons of fantastic Southern gospel artists, some are just better than others. This list is designed to let the fans of Southern gospel separate the absolute best Southern gospel singers and groups from the chafe. Southern gospel music is a beloved genre of Christian music originating in the Southern United States, aka below the Mason-Dixon line. The Hoppers and The Isaacs are perfect examples of the Southern gospel sound, but are they the top southern gospel bands of all time? 

From the names Dottie Rambo and Doug Oldham to the Imperials and Anthony Burger, this list includes all of your favorite Southern gospel musicians (bother newer and old school) and serves as an accurate compilation of the best examples of Southern gospel, as well as a good place to start if you're asking yourself, or friends, how to get into Southern gospel music. 

Who are the best southern gospel bands of all time? And who is the greatest southern gospel musician ever? Whether you’re a devout follower of Southern gospel or a new convert, please vote for the top Southern gospel artists, quartets, and family Southern gospel singing groups below, rather than simply voting for the most famous Southern gospel singers or bands whom you might've heard of but never actually listened to. 

Most divisive: The Lewis Family
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  • As pioneers in the southern gospel music industry, the Cathedral Quartet set the standard for future artists with their unmistakable harmonies and dynamic stage presence. Known for delivering powerful performances and inspiring lyrics, their timeless songs have become treasured hymns of the genre. It's no surprise that numerous celebrated gospel artists cite them as a significant influence on their careers. With a legacy spanning over 35 years, the Cathedral Quartet remains an integral part of southern gospel history.

  • From the moment they first graced stages with their rich, captivating sound, the Gaither Vocal Band has been a force to be reckoned with in southern gospel. This iconic group has produced an impressive repertoire, boasting countless award-winning albums and unforgettable songs that continue to resonate with audiences today. Their seamless blend of voices and powerful messages truly make them stand out as southern gospel royalty. For more than three decades, the Gaither Vocal Band has consistently delivered heartfelt and soul-stirring performances that have earned them a devoted fanbase.

  • The Happy Goodman Family

    The Happy Goodman Family

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    Fondly remembered as trailblazers in southern gospel, the Happy Goodman Family captured the hearts of a generation with their upbeat tunes and soulful performances. Their infectious energy and passion for spreading the good news through song instantly connected them with listeners, creating a lasting legacy in the history of this beloved genre. As one of the most influential families in southern gospel music, their signature style has left an indelible mark on countless artists who have come after them. Through their unparalleled contributions, the Happy Goodman Family remains an enduring symbol of love, joy, and faith in southern gospel music.

  • Greater Vision

    Since forming in 1990, Greater Vision has emerged as one of the most beloved artists in southern gospel music. Renowned for their powerful harmonies and evocative lyrics, this talented trio has garnered numerous accolades, including countless Singing News Fan Awards. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for ministering through song have undoubtedly positioned them among the genre's elite. With more than three decades of awe-inspiring performances under their belt, Greater Vision continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

  • Gold City
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    As a powerhouse in the southern gospel community, Gold City has consistently delivered awe-inspiring performances and chart-topping hits since their formation in 1980. Boasting an unmistakable, rich sound that has resonated with fans for generations, this talented quartet has made an indelible impact on the landscape of southern gospel music. Their unrivaled vocal talent and dedication to their ministry have contributed to the group's longevity and persistent relevance in the genre. Gold City's enduring legacy is a testament to their passion, talent, and the sheer power of southern gospel music.

  • The Hoppers

    The Hoppers

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    Affectionately known as "America's favorite family of gospel music," the Hoppers possess a magnetic energy and unmatched talent that have endeared them to fans for over six decades. Their heartfelt performances, filled with love and devotion, have transcended generations and solidified their place in southern gospel history. With an extensive catalog of soul-stirring songs and numerous awards under their belt, the Hoppers continue to be a shining example of what southern gospel music is truly about.