The Greatest Southern TV Shows Ever Made

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Vote up the best scripted TV shows set in the South.

When flipping through the channels on your television set, you might quickly realize that most series are based out of certain locales. Many shows find themselves set in places like New York, Los Angeles, or some Midwest town nobody has ever heard of. That isn't to say there aren't shows set in the South, however, as not only are there plenty to choose from, but many of those series make up the very best in television! Southern TV shows are some of the most interesting and captivating series ever made thanks to the rich culture found in the American South.

Because TV shows about the South can run the gamut of any and every genre (and the same goes for Southern movies), you'll find hit series on this list like True Blood, which is set in Southern Louisiana. And while a sitcom like The Golden Girls may have been shot in Los Angeles, it was actually set deep in Miami, Florida. As you can imagine, this is likely the case for many of these southern TV shows. Whichever genre you prefer, there are numerous options of amazing television to choose from if your interests lie in the Southern United States. 

From sitcoms about the South to dramas, there's plenty of Southern TV to check out. Vote up the best shows set in the South and see where your favorite Southern TV shows rank!

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