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The Best Space Navy Anime of All Time

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List of the best space navy anime, voted on by Ranker's anime community. This may not be the most popular genre of Japanese animation, but all of these shows are worth checking out if you're looking for something new to watch. This poll includes video clips of each show, so if you haven't seen one you can watch it right here on this page. Witness epic space battles where empires of the stars rise and fall by the battles you'll see in these anime. The shows that are listed may have different sub-genres, but they're all about space navy in one way or another. List features anime like Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Star Blazers 2199. What is the greatest space navy anime of all time? Scroll down and find out for yourself!
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    For decades, the Galactic Empire has been locked in an interstellar war with the Free Planets Alliance, a conflict that involves thousands of spaceships and millions of soldiers on both sides. Two new commanders enter the conflict with great hopes: Imperial Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm and the FPA's Yang Wen-Li. As they deal with superiors and subordinates, maneuver through complicated political arrangements, plot strategies, and win battles, each will be tested, and ultimately, changed, by the reality of war....  more
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    Star Blazers 2199

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    Super Dimension Fortress Macross

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    Star Blazers is an American animated television series adaptation of the Japanese anime series Space Battleship Yamato I, II and III. Star Blazers was first broadcast in the United States in 1979. Significantly, it was the first popular English-translated anime that had an overarching plot and storyline that required the episodes to be shown in order. It dealt with somewhat more mature themes than other productions aimed at the same target audience at the time. As a result, it paved the way for future arc-based, plot-driven anime translations....  more
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