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The Best Space Simulator Games of All Time, Ranked

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Games that simulate spaceflight or launching spacecraft.

If you’ve ever wanted to be rocketing through space at a million miles per hours or design an orbital launch system, then you would love playing some of the best space simulation games ever. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about being marooned in space like Major Tom. The best space games simulate what it’s like to be piloting spacecraft, which turns out can be a challenge! Who knew?

In Kerbal Space Program for instance, you take on the role of a mission commander and must design a rocket to get your Kerbal astronauts into space. One misstep and you’ll end up with dead astronauts—and no one wants that. But which space simulator games are the best? See what gamers think, as they have voted for their favorite simulation games about space below.

Don’t agree with the rankings? Voice your opinion and vote up your favorite space simulation games below. If you don’t see a particular space sim that you feel should be on the list, please add it! After all, this is supposed to be a comprehensive list of games that simulate what it’s like to be an astronaut or spaceship designer/commander. If you prefer more combat in your space sims, then you probably should give these space combat sims a closer look.

In many top space simulator games, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your spaceship hurtle through space at relativistic or near-relativistic speeds. But if the best space simulation games on this list aren’t fun for you, then you should go with something more down to earth, like these amazing war simulation games instead. For those that do love all things space related, vote on the best space simulation games!

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