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The Best Spanish Authors

List RulesTop writers, novels, poets, and playwrights from Spain

List of the best Spanish authors, including familiar names of novelists, poets and authors of nonfiction work that have come from Spain or have an involvement in Spanish-language writing. The list includes the author the literary work Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, along with young adult fiction writer, Carlos Ruiz Zafron and many other Spanish authors.

The list will be votable to determine, "who is the best Spanish author?" as well as having the ability to add to the list of the top 30, if your favorite Spanish author does not already appear on the list.

The best Spanish authors do not have to be the most popular ones, and adding a few obscure names to the list can give those authors more exposure and more recognition for the work they may not be yet known for. 

The list includes the author's name along with some of their best known works.
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List Rules: Top writers, novels, poets, and playwrights from Spain