The Best Spanish-Language Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

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Vote up the best shows on Netflix that use Spanish as their primary language - wherever they're from.

Here are the best Spanish shows streaming now on Netflix, ranked by votes. Whether you're looking for Spanish-language shows with classic telenovela drama, or want Spanish thrillers, this list of Spanish-language shows currently on Netflix is regularly updated with new and popular TV series. What are the best Spanish-language series to watch on Netflix?

One of the best Netflix Spanish-language TV shows, Money Heist, has gained popularity even with English-speaking audiences, thanks to its thrilling storylines. For fans of drama, the Spanish series The House Of Flowers is a must-see, with three seasons of complex family drama and a movie continuing the story. Other good Spanish shows on Netflix include High Seas, La Piloto, Cable Girls, and Ingobernable.

Out of all the Spanish-language shows on Netflix, which are the best? Help decide and vote up the best Spanish shows on Netflix - and find out where your favorite shows rank. Then, check out all the Spanish series currently releasing new episodes and our list of the best Spanish movies on Netflix.

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