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The Best Spanish Novels

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List RulesFiction books and novellas by writers from Spain

The best Spanish novels are listed here to be voted on by readers. Popular titles such as Don Quixote, One Hundred Years of Solitude and 2666 are on the list of Spanish novels with the list having room to grow. If you do not see your favorite Spanish novel on this list of popular titles, then there is an option to add the title to the growing list to have others be able to vote on your pick, too.

This list asks, "What is the best Spanish novel?" and offers the author's name to help identify the titles more easily. Some authors show up on the list multiple times, such as Javier Marias and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, while others show up only once for their most famous title. Be sure to vote for the best Spanish novel and not just your favorite author on the list since they may have more than one title available for voting.

Spanish literature adds to the Latin, Jewish and Arabic literary novels that came before them. Spanish American literature adds to Spanish literature tradition and dates back to the conquest of the Americas, including subjects of enlightenment, romanticism, realism and modernism.
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List Rules: Fiction books and novellas by writers from Spain