The Best Spanish Rappers

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Only famous hip hop artists who rap in Spanish

These are the best Spanish rappers, ranked by fans. From some of the top Spanish rappers that are solo artists to others that are a part of highly successful hip-hop groups, it's easy to see that these artists are some of the best in the world. Many of the greatest Spanish rappers alternate between speaking English and Spanish on their biggest hits.

What artists will you find on this list? Pitbull is definitely one of the most successful Spanish-speaking rappers to breakout in the mainstream. The “Timber” rappers bilingual skills are one of the many reasons that he has been dubbed, Mr. Worldwide. Sen Dog of Cypress Hill is another great Spanish-speaking rapper.

Immortal Technique has released several Spanish rap tracks including “Golpe de Estado.” Other good musicians that are featured on this top Spanish rappers list include Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, and Daddy Yankee.

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