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The Best Spanish TV Shows of 2019

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UPDATE: Check out the best Spanish television airing new episodes in 2020!

Keep up to date on the latest and current Spanish language series from US channels and production companies in 2019. Telemundo and Univision have historically been great sources for shows in Spanish but they're no longer the only place to find new Spanish shows in 2019. There are more Spanish shows on Netflix every season, and even premium cable channels such as HBO are creating new shows in Spanish. This list looks at the best current television Spanish-language series that that will be airing new episodes in 2019. Which are the best new and returning Spanish shows in 2019?

Including biographies, comedies, crime thrillers, and competition series; some good Spanish shows in 2019 are dramas like Los Espookys, Money Heist, and Crime Diaries. Some series, like The House of Flowers (La Casa de las Flores), may have had their first season only recently but will nonetheless be seeing a new batch of episodes in this year. On the opposite end of the spectrum, La Reina del Sur (adapted in English as Queen of the South for USA Network) has had eight years between seasons one and two.

Vote up the best Spanish language shows of 2019, and add your favorites if they're missing from the list.

  • 1

    Cable Girls

    Blanca Suárez, Ana Fernández

    GenresDrama, Romance

    Cable Girls (Netflix, 2017) is a Spanish period drama web television series. In 1928, four young women move to Madrid to work at a modern telecommunications company....  more

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    High Seas

    Jon Kortajarena, Eloy Azorín

    GenresDrama, Mystery

    High Seas (Netflix, 2019), named Alta mar in Spanish, is a Spanish mystery period drama television series. Mysterious deaths on a luxurious ship traveling from Spain to Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s...  more


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    Money Heist

    Pedro Alonso, Úrsula Corberó

    GenresEntertainment, Thriller

    Money Heist (Antena 3/Netflix, 2017) is a Spanish heist television series created by Álex Pina. A group of very peculiar robbers assault the Factory of Moneda and Timbre to carry out the most perfect...  more

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    Green Frontier

    Nelson Camayo, Juana Del Río

    GenresCrime, Thriller

    Green Frontier (Netflix, 2019), in Spanish "Frontera Verde", is a Colombian crime thriller web television miniseries, created by Ciro Guerra. When Helena (Juana del Río), a young Bogotá-based...  more
  • 5


    Carlos Cuevas, Guiomar Puerta


    45RPM (Netflix, 2019) is a Spanish television drama series. In 1960s Madrid, music producer Guillermo Rojas launches a rock 'n' roll label with the help of aspiring singer Robert and clever producer...  more
  • 6

    The House of Flowers

    Aislinn Derbez, Cecilia Suárez

    GenresComedy, Dark comedy

    The House of Flowers (Netflix, 2018), in Spanish "La Casa de las Flores," is a Mexican comedy-drama television series created by Manolo Caro. The show depicts a dysfunctional upper-class Mexican...  more

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    Los Espookys

    Bernardo Velasco, Cassandra Ciangherotti

    GenresBasketball, Documentary

    Los Espookys (HBO, 2019) is an American comedy television series. The show follows a group of friends as their turn their love of horror into a business, in a dreamy, strange version of Mexico City....  more

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  • 8

    Luis Miguel, The Series

    Diego Boneta, Óscar Jaenada

    GenresBiography, Drama, Music

    Luis Miguel, The Series (Telemundo, 2018) stylized onscreen as "Luis Miguel, la serie", is a Spanish-language American biographical television series. It is an authorized version of the life story of...  more
  • 9

    Crime Diaries

    Alberto Guerra, Ilse Salas

    GenresBiography, Historical drama

    Crime Diaries (Netflix, 2019), originally named "Historia de un crimen," is a Mexican true crime scripted anthology television series. Each season focuses on notorious and controversial crimes; the...  more
  • 10


    Alan Del Castillo, Ramón Medína

    GenresDrama, Crime drama

    Monarca (Netflix, 2019) is a Mexican drama television series created and produced by Diego Gutiérrez. The plot centers on a billionaire tequila magnate and his family thrive in the corrupt world that...  more
  • 11

    La Reina del Sur

    Kate del Castillo, Humberto Zurita

    GenresSoap, Drama, Crime, Action

    La Reina del Sur (Telemundo, 2011) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States television network Telemundo, in conjunction with the Antena 3 network and RTI Producciones. Based on...  more

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  • 12

    Go! Live Your Way

    Pilar Pascual, Renata Toscano

    GenresRomance, Music

    Go! Vive a tu manera (Netflix, 2019), or "Go! Live Your Way," is an Argentinean television musical romance series. Fiercely talented Mia (Pilar Pascual) receives a scholarship to a prestigious dance...  more


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  • 13


    Luis Gerónimo Abreu, José Ramón Barreto


    Bolivar, una lucha admirable (Netflix, 2019) or simply "Bolívar", is a Colombian biographical television series. The series is based on the life of the Venezuelan liberator Simón Bolívar (Luis...  more
  • 14

    Criminal: Germany

    Eva Meckbach, Sylvester Groth

    GenresGerman, Crime, Mystery

    Criminal: Germany (Netflix, 2019) is part of a police procedural anthology series created by Kay Smith and Jim Field Smith. The series takes place entirely inside police interrogation rooms in four...  more
  • 15

    Criminal: France

    Nathalie Baye, Jérémie Renier

    GenresDrama, Crime, Mystery

    Criminal: France (Netflix, 2019) is part of a police procedural anthology series created by Kay Smith and Jim Field Smith. The series takes place entirely inside police interrogation rooms in four...  more

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  • 16


    Stephen Fry, Alex Marty

    GenresAnimation, Children's television series, Animated series

    Pocoyo is a Spanish pre-school animated television series created by Guillermo García Carsí, Luis Gallego and David Cantolla, and is a co-production between Spanish producer Zinkia Entertainment,...  more
  • 17


    Juana Viale, Brian Beacock


    Edha (Netflix, 2018) is an Argentinian television drama. The life of a successful designer and single mother Edha (Juana Viale) turns upside down when she meets a mysterious man and a mixture of...  more
  • 18


    David Tennant, Clare-Hope Ashitey and Youssef Kerkour

    GenresCrime, Anthology, Police procedural

    Criminal: UK, Criminal: France, Criminal: Germany, and Criminal: Spain (Netflix, 2019) are parts of a police procedural anthology series created by Kay Smith and Jim Field Smith. The series takes...  more
  • 19

    Pequeños Gigantes

    Pequeños Gigantes is a Mexican reality talent show that originally premiered in Mexico on March 27, 2011, on Canal de las Estrellas and ended in July 24, 2011. It premiered the first season in the...  more
  • 20

    Criminal: UK

    Katherine Kelly, Lee Ingleby

    GenresCrime drama, Mystery, Thriller

    Criminal: UK (Netflix, 2019) is part of a police procedural anthology series created by Kay Smith and Jim Field Smith. The series takes place entirely inside police interrogation rooms in four...  more

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  • 21

    Siempre Bruja

    Sofia Bernal Araujo, Valeria Emiliani

    GenresFantasy, Drama

    Siempre Bruja (Netflix, 2019), also called "Always A Witch," is a Colombian fantasy drama television series created by Ana María Parra based on the novel "Yo, Bruja" by Isidora Chacón. A young...  more
  • 22

    Paquita Salas

    Brays Efe, Belén Cuesta


    Paquita Salas (Neox, 2016) is a Spanish mocumentary comedy television series created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi. Paquita Salas (Brays Efe) is a down-on-her-luck talent agent who is forced to...  more
  • 23


    Pablo Lyle, Gabriela Zamora

    GenresDrama, Crime

    Yankee (Netflix, 2019) is a Mexican Spanish-language web television series created by Diego Enrique Osorno. The story follows Malcolm Moriarty (Pablo Lyle), a young entrepreneur from Arizona who is...  more
  • 24

    Mira Quien Baila

    ¡Mira quién baila! (Univision, 2010), also known as MQB or Look Who's Dancing, is an American Spanish-language reality show. A Hispanic American version of the British show Strictly Come Dancing and...  more