The Best Spark Plug Brands

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This list contains information on spark plug brands, ranked from best to worst by user votes. Spark plugs are an important piece of any automobile that delivers electric current from the ignition system to the engine's combustion chamber. The best spark plug brands offer consumers a variety of options to suit their vehicle's make and model.

What companies will you find on this best spark plug brands list? NGK is one of the most popular brands of spark plugs, thanks in part to its huge line of products. Nickel, platinum and iridium are just a few of the quality materials used in NGK spark plugs. Roush Performance is another one of the best spark plug brands available on the market today. Other good companies that appear on this top spark plug brands list include Tempest, Bosch and MSD Ignition.

Which spark plug company do you rely on to get your motor running? Give the best brands a thumbs up and please add any good spark plug manufacturers that we may have missed.
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