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The Best Spawn Action Figures Ever Sculpted

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When Todd McFarlane set out to merchandise his hit comic book character, he revolutionized the toy industry with his Spawn action figures. By ramping up production standards, McFarlane Toys blurred the lines between collectible sculptures and action figures, between craftsmanship and mass manufacturing, and between toys and art.

The dark and gothic tone of the comics feed the aesthetic of the toy line. Spawn comics and McFarlane's exacting standards made a perfect storm for toys that could pass as 3D decor for the discerning and classy eye. In many ways, the toys are better than the comics, leaving you thinking simply, "Damn, this looks cool and spooky." 

Compared to their competition, Spawn figures look so sharp that one can't help but think of them as being something finer. They don't belong in the toy aisle in plastic clam shells; they deserve expertly-lit pedestals. It's not too hard to envision a future where Spawn toys are exhibited as if they were classical sculptures and auctioned off by Sotheby's to snooty rich people who don't even know what they're bidding on.

So let us be your curator and auctioneer as we take a stroll through the gallery of that imaginary auction, and vote up the pieces you'd most like to purchase among the best Spawn toys ever made.
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    Spawn vs. Cy-Gor (Series 26)

    Photo: Amazon
    This elaborate twosome puts the action in action figure by pitting the original and best cybernetic gorilla against Satan's slave in a perpendicular battle royale!
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    The Curse 2 (Series 26)

    Photo: Amazon
    You'll be the one cursing if you fail to add this detailed sculpt of the billionaire religious zealot to your collection. He is accompanied by his little green minions with tiny hoodies of their own. Simply adorable, but dangerous!
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    Vandalizer (Series 27)

    Photo: Amazon

    Do you love disgusting demons, but don't feel like you're evil enough to install a Violator in the boudoir? Why not scale back on the evil a little bit and decorate your abode with this likeness of Vandalizer? He's drooling vomit, but at least he's not violating anyone.

    Disclaimer: Despite the name, he'd probably be just as likely to violate someone.
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    Violator 3 (Series 20)

    Photo: smise501 / eBay
    The original Violator is okay, but this darker, grittier, gorier take is somehow even more violating! With a more exaggerated lurch and sculpting that really captures this twisted sucker's hideousness, this is the demon figure you don't take home to your parents!
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