Every Actor Who Has Played Spider-Man, Ranked

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Of all the actors who played Spider-Man over the years, who do you think took on the role best? While he may not have been one of the first superheroes in the universe, Spider-Man has certainly become one of the more popular men in a spandex suit—which can put quite the pressure on the actors who play him. Whether it be live-action films, animated series, video games, or even a Broadway musical, a long list of people have slipped into the Spidey suit (physically and figuratively) and performed their best. So, who's done the best interpretation of Spider-Man?

Starting with Nicholas Hammond, who was the first Spider-Man, in the old made-for-television 1977 film, the best Spider-Man actors span decades of awesome content, cast variety, and productions. Sometimes regarded as the "original" Spidey, Tobey Maguire starred as nerdy Peter Parker in the Spider-Man trilogy, which became the first of many modern live-action takes, followed by great performances from Tom Holland as the MCU Spider-Man (Homecoming and Far from Home) and Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spider-Man movies. Then you have voice actors, like Paul Soles, Josh Keaton, Neil Patrick Harris, and even Drake Bell, who filled the role for various animated series. Of course, we can't overlook Reeve Carney who danced and sang his his way through the Spider-Man musical, Turn Off the Dark in 2010. If you forgot the name of that one Spider-man actor, they're all here!

Who's your favorite actor to play Spider-Man over the years? Check out the complete list of Spiderman actors below and vote up the guys you think portrayed him best. And be on the look out for whoever plays the new Spider-Man actor once Tom Holland exits.