The Very Best Sports Magazines, Ranked

If you're a sports junkie who's always eager for the next football, hockey, or baseball season, a monthly subscription to a good sports magazine can help you stay up-to-date with news about big games, big drafts, and more! With all the popular publications out there covering the wide world of athletic achievement, which one is worth a read? Here, you'll find a list of sports magazines ranked by fellow sports aficionados to help you select the right magazine for you! 

In terms of magazines that cover general news about sports, there are a few staples every sports fan should try. Sports Illustrated has been providing sports fans with the latest information since 1964 and ESPN Magazine covers a wide range of sporting events. However, maybe you're a fan of one particular or obscure sport. From baseball to football to rugby to golfing, there are plenty of niche magazines that zero in on a specific sport. Whatever you're looking for, this list can help you find it!  

Vote up the best sports magazines below and feel free to add anything you feel is missing! 

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