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Here are the best new sports movies in 2019. Sports movies can transport fans to a time and place when their team was on top such as The Russian Five a 2019 sports documentary, while other sports films such as High Flying Bird make for great drama. The upcoming sports movies and the ones available now are not just for dedicated sports fans, they can speak to any and all audiences. Now it is time to determine which of the 2019 sports movies are the best of this year.

While most sports films typically focus on professional sports or the major leagues, Run the Race is a sports drama about two brothers involved in high school football and track. Trading Paint is a movie about a father and son that must overcome personal and professional obstacles while racing cars.

Check out the list of 2019 sports movies below and vote up your favorites to make sure the right movie makes it to the top. Then check back as more sports movies come out throughout the year and see where your selections end up on the list. 

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Run the Race is a 2019 American sports film directed by Chris Dowling. Against the backdrop of high school football and track, two brothers in a small Southern town face escalating problems with two different world views, straining - but ultimately strengthening - the bonds of brotherhood. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Mykelti Williamson, Frances Fisher, Kristoffer Polaha

Directed by: Chris Dowling

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The Art of Self-Defense is a 2019 American dark comedy film, written and directed by Riley Stearns. A young man, Casey Davies (Jesse Eisenberg), who after a rough encounter on the street, decides to take up martial arts into order to better protect himself, falling more and more in his paranoia in the process. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Jesse Eisenberg, Alessandro Nivola, Imogen Poots

Directed by: Riley Stearns

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Diamantino is a 2018 Portuguese comedy-drama film directed by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt. After losing his special touch and ending his career in disgrace, the world's premier soccer star, Diamantino (Carloto Cotta), goes on a delirious odyssey where he confronts neo-fascism, the refugee crisis, genetic modification, and the hunt for the source of genius. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Carloto Cotta, Cleo Tavares, Anabela Moreira, Margarida Moreira, Carla Maciel, + more

Directed by: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt

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Walk Ride Rodeo is a 2019 American biopic directed by Conor Allyn. Nationally-ranked rodeo barrel racer Amberley Snyder (Spencer Locke) barely survives a car accident that leaves her paralyzed from the waist down and despite doctors telling her she will never walk again, Snyder sets out to overcome her prognosis. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Missi Pyle, Spencer Locke, Bailey Chase, Sherri Shepherd

Directed by: Conor Allyn

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