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The Best Sports & Athletic Competition TV Shows Ever

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Sporting events have the ability to capture the attention of a nation. It only makes sense that reality TV would try to get in on the trend by releasing show after show following the exploits of people training their bodies to be the very best. From boxing to golfing, there are all kinds of shows that have aired over the years that centered around some sport. Some of the shows on this list are still on the air while others are a distant memory. They are not all competing against each other for the title of best sports reality series. 

The Ultimate Fighter is an American show that focuses on mixed martial arts. Each season, the show follows a group of MMA fighters as they train together and ultimately compete to win a contract with the UFC. The Big Break was a popular show that aired on The Golf Channel from 2003 to 2015. The show followed aspiring golfers as they trained to compete in the big leagues. That is the common theme among many sports reality TV series

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