The Best Sports Romance Movies

When the thrill of competition is combined with an emotional love story, great filmmaking can be achieved. The best romantic sports movies feature rivals fighting for first place in life and in love, be it a basketball film or a baseball love story. This is a list of the top cinematic sports love stories including everything from The Karate Kid to Cinderella Man to Run Fatboy Run.

What films will you find on this list of athlete romance movies? Tom Cruise makes a few appearances here. In 1990's Days of Thunder, he and Nicole Kidman fell in love on screen and off, while Jerry Maguire finds him telling a sports story from the agency side. Varsity Blues is a good sports movie that finds a starting quarterback dealing with newfound attention from pretty cheerleaders. Other good movies featured on this best athlete love stories movies list include Bull Durham, Major League, and Bring It On.

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