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Spring 2020 Anime: Here Are The Series You Should Look Forward To

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The Spring 2020 anime season is just about to start. With people all over the world practicing social distancing to avoid the coronavirus, now's the perfect time to dive into a brand new show. Let's check out the Spring 2020 anime release schedule. 

Shows like Fruits Basket, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, and Food Wars will be getting long-awaited new seasons. There are also plenty of brand new series that look like they'll be wonderful additions to the anime canon. These include a brand new Trigger anime called BNA, which follows a girl who transformed into a tanuki, Arte, a show about a young woman in Renaissance Florence who dreams of becoming an artist, and many more. 

Which will be the best Spring 2020 anime? Nobody knows yet, since shows with great premises can fail and shows that look mediocre can turn out to be sleeper hits. That being said, these shows look awesome, so let's get excited and vote up the shows that look the best. 

  • Photo: Telecom Animation Film

    Release Date: April 2nd

    Bam and Rachel have been trapped under a mysterious tower for most of their lives. When they're finally able to enter the tower, they must face a variety of challenges and opponents. The series is based on a popular manhwa, or Korean manga. 

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  • Photo: SynergySP, Shin-Ei Animation

    Release Date: April 2nd

    Shingo Ichinomiya is a 25-year-old firm employee who suddenly finds himself in the body of the 8th son of an impoverished noble family. Using a combination of magic and his wits, he tries to bring his family some prosperity.

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  • Photo: Pine Jam

    Release Date: April 5th

    Shuuichi Kagaya just wants to leave a normal life, but that turns out to be impossible when he discovers that he has the ability to turn into a powerful mascot-like creature. When he saves Claire Aoki's life, his hopes fly completely out the window, since Claire wants to use him to help her find her monster sister, and doesn't care about human morality in the slightest. 

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  • Photo: Kyoto Animation

    Release Date: April 24th

    After a delay caused by the tragic Kyoto Animation studio fire, this movie based on the beautifully animated Violet Evergarden is finally coming out this spring. The series centers around Violet, a former soldier who now works writing letters that express the contents of other peoples' hearts. 

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