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The Best Los Angeles Rams Coaches of All Time

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Between their time in Cleveland, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and finally back to LA, there have been many Rams coaches, but who is truly the best Los Angeles Rams coach of all time? Help us answer that question by voting up your personal favorite Los Angeles Rams coaches, and voting down any that you believe brought the team down.

Prior to the NFL AFL merger in 1970, the Rams won two NFL Championships both as the Cleveland Rams and Los Angeles Rams. The coaches that led those team were Adam Walsh and Joe Stydahar respectively. In the modern NFL era, coach Dick Vermeil took the St. Louis Rams to Super Bowl XXXIV, where they defeated the Tennessee Titans 23-16. 

Who is the greatest LA Rams coach of all time? Let us know by voting up for your favorite head coaches below that you believe really made an impact on the franchise.

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