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Who's The Best Bounty Hunter In The Star Wars Galaxy?

12 May 2020 11.7k votes 1.7k voters 30.6k views15 items

List RulesVote up the bounty hunters you'd hire for an impossible mission.

Ever since Darth Vader assembled a rag-tag team to chase down that pesky Han Solo, nerds everywhere have been obsessed with the bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe. While Boba Fett's name is practically synonymous with "Star Wars bounty hunter," newcomers like Mando and Cad Bane are giving him a run for his money. It makes you wonder: If you were to look past your personal favorite bounty hunter, which of them is actually the most effective at their craft? 

If you're going to hire a bounty hunter, who do you want on your side? Someone cunning like Cade Bane, a brute-strength reptile like Bossk, or a data-driven slaying machine like IG-88? For our purposes, we will be deciding which bounty hunter to hire based on three main criteria: their strengths as a hunter, their weaknesses, and their career bounty hunting highlights. Remember, you're not picking your favorite bounty hunter; you're picking the one who is the most likely to accomplish their mission and turn in their target. 

So, take a trip down this list and decide for yourself which bounty hunter you want to hire. 

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