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27 Things All 'Star Wars' Fans Love About 'The Force Awakens'

After a seemingly endless wait, Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally premiered and it was every bit as amazing as fans had hoped it would be. From X-Wing battles to lightsaber action to Han effing Solo, Episode VII is already going down in history as one of the best Star Wars films. The movie has been dissected by millions of nerds (i.e. us) and we’ve figured out the best Star Wars: The Force Awakens moments that true fans of the series will definitely love. If you’re somehow still on the fence about the greatest sci-fi film series of all time, this list of the best The Force Awakens moments for Star Wars fans will definitely sway you.

If you’re about to watch The Force Awakens and you’re not sure how you’ll be able to tell which parts are the best, just rely on the Force. Or actually, just rely on how hard you scream or fist pump, and believe us, you’ll be doing lots of both.

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    'Chewie, We're Home.'

    SO. MANY. FEELS. If you're like us and you couldn't help but squirt out a few tears when Han and Chewie showed up in the trailer, get ready to completely bawl your eyes out in the film. Rather than just showing up as legacy characters, Han and his hairy compadre spend a good amount of time front and center in The Force Awakens
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    When The 'Millennium Falcon' First Takes Flight

    WARNING: The first time you see the Millennium Falcon in The Force Awakens your heart will leap into your throat, but when it takes flight? You'll scream at the top of your lungs like a teenager. What's even cooler that Rey is the character piloting the ship; it's a brilliant way to hand over the series to some new blood. 

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    Finn And Poe Stealing A TIE Fighter

    If you're not a big Star Wars fan you probably don't understand how cool it is that we finally get to see inside a TIE fighter for longer than two seconds at a time during a dogfight. And what makes this moment even cooler is that it features Poe and Finn blasting their way to freedom. And even though the elation is short lived, it's a fantastic sequence. 
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  • We can't get enough of Daisy Ridley's Rey. She's exactly the kind of hero that the new Star Wars trilogy needs. She's tough, mysterious, and vulnerable when she needs to be. Rather than beginning the series as kind of a wimp the way Luke did (admit it), she starts off scavenging Jakku for parts, only to become a planet-hopping adventurer. After you see her in action you'll be primed and ready for episodes XIII and IX. 

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