The Best Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy

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Vote up the coolest planets in the galaxy. You wouldn't want to live on Hoth or Tatooine (probably) but there's no denying they're awesome.

When it comes to fictional worlds and universes, Star Wars has pretty much everybody beat. The vast galaxy far, far away is full of planets and moons with cool names, rich histories, and famous residents. From the Outer Rim to the bustling Capital, each of the Star Wars planets is unique and home to a variety of interesting characters. This list of all Star Wars planets gives you the opportunity you didn't know you were waiting for: the chance to rank your favorite planets from the Star Wars films. You're welcome!

Maybe you dream of visiting the Lake Country on Naboo. Or, perhaps you're more of a cold weather fan and would love a vacation on Hoth (you're weird). Tatooine might be cool to visit, but you've been warned about the sand. For the furry creature fans, you know you need to head to Endor's Forest Moon like, yesterday, but everyone knows not to go to Bespin unless you're itching for a carbonite nap.

So, which are your favorite fictional planets from the Star Wars universe? Which worlds dreamed up by George Lucas do you wish were real? Carefully weigh your options below, voting and reranking your galactic travel itinerary as you see fit.
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  • Naboo
    1,626 votes


    Take a trip to the lake country!
  • Kashyyyk
    1,444 votes


    Wookie World!
  • Coruscant
    1,633 votes


    Ooooh, the capital! Aren't you fancy?
  • Mandalore
    1,206 votes
    The home world of the multi-species cultural group known as the Mandalorians.
  • Scarif
    555 votes


    Beautiful beaches, but a lot of action.

  • The Forest Moon of Endor
    1,288 votes

    The Forest Moon of Endor

    Land of the Ewoks.