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The Best Songs About Star Wars

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Star Wars is a ridiculously huge part of pop culture. It's so huge we don't even see all of its influence; it's just so intertwined with our daily lives. Star Wars has been incalculably important to three generations at this point, and with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Disney's ambitious Star Wars movie-a-year plan, it's about to change the lives a whole new generation.

Imagine being a kid growing up in a time where there's a new installment and then a Boba Fett spin-off or a Han Solo or what-have-you movie the next? Imagine being a kid with a knack for the guitar or the bassoon and a passion for Star Wars. You might just find yourself making music inspired by Star Wars.

Naturally, with all that Star Wars there's a huge world of music that has been inspired by this galaxy far, far away. The impact of Star Wars has extended over seemingly all music genres, influencing everything from mainstream to indie/experimental. The films have, and continue to, change the face of pop culture, and these are the best songs about Star Wars. These songs don't just include references, they're fundamentally about Star Wars. Vote up your favorite Star Wars songs below!