The 11 Best Starbucks Cup Spelling FAILs of All Time

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Starbucks baristas have to deal with a lot of information with every coffee order: half-caf, decaf, extra foam, two cups, room for cream, soy, sugar-free, etc. After they note the instructions, they have to decipher your name. That's not so hard, right?

"Skinny chai latte, room temperature, extra cinnamon, two straws, no lid, double fast for Odri." Odri? That's an interesting name, never heard that before. Except for every time a person called "Audrey" introduces themselves.

Starbucks name fails are a way of life, not just for people with hard names to spell, but even folks with names like Brian and Melissa who become the hapless victims of weird Starbucks name spellings. These funny Starbucks names range from slight oversights to glaring errors, but there is one thing these Starbucks spelling errors all share: hilarity (and possibly caffeine). The weird names on Starbucks cups are at times intentional, sometimes sad, but definitely worth a look at.

What are the dumbest things ever written on a Starbucks cup? What are some funny names people use at Starbucks? Check out this list of Starbucks spelling fails, and you will soon feel a lot better that "E" that got left off the end of your orange mocha frappucino this morning.