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The Best Starlight Quotes From 'The Boys'

Here are the best Starlight quotes from the Amazon original series The Boys. Played by American actress Erin Moriarty, Starlight, also known as Annie January, is a small-town girl who has now become a world-famous superhero. She has the ability to absorb electricity and shoot it out her hands in the form of concentrated power. Her dream has always been to join the Seven and save the world but as Starlight's quotes from The Boys show, her dream job is not exactly what she thought it was and her budding romance with Hughie just complicates matters. If you have already seen the show you know that there are a lot of great lines, quotes, and one-liners. Starlight's quotes deal with the disillusionment of superhero life but she is still trying to change the system from within. What is your favorite quote from Starlight?

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    A Secret

    Season 1 / Episode 6

    Starlight: Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes, my eyes light up when I... you know. 

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    Behind The Scenes

    Season 1 / Episode 3

    Starlight: Once you're behind the scenes, it's different.

    Hughie: Like how?

    Starlight: I don't know if they really want you to be a hero.

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    Image of Yourself

    Season 1 / Episode 1

    Starlight: You know how you have this image of yourself? Like I thought I was strong you know made of steel, a fighter and then I was faced with this horrible situation with this *sshole and I just heard my mom's voice in my head. "Keep smiling, the show must go on" and I didn't fight and now I just feel sick. Partly because I did it and partly because it turns out I am not who I thought I was.

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    My Mom Said

    Season 1 / Episode 6

    Starlight: I mean, I don't remember but my Mom said when I was born, I almost blinded the doctor. So, I had powers from the start.

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