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The Best Starlight Quotes From 'The Boys'

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Here are the best Starlight quotes from the Amazon original series The Boys. Played by American actress Erin Moriarty, Starlight, also known as Annie January, is a small-town girl who has now become a world-famous superhero. She has the ability to absorb electricity and shoot it out her hands in the form of concentrated power. Her dream has always been to join the Seven and save the world but as Starlight's quotes from The Boys show, her dream job is not exactly what she thought it was and her budding romance with Hughie just complicates matters. If you have already seen the show you know that there are a lot of great lines, quotes, and one-liners. Starlight's quotes deal with the disillusionment of superhero life but she is still trying to change the system from within. What is your favorite quote from Starlight?

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    Here's The Truth

    Season 1 / Episode 5

    Starlight: Every single word that I say up here, I'm reading from a script. I didn't write any of these words. I don't even know if I believe in them. I mean I believe in God. I love God so much but... honestly, it's just how godd*mn certain everyone is around here. I mean, tickets start at what, 170 bucks, so that these people can tell you how to get to heaven? How do they know? How does anybody know? When the bible was written, life expectancy was 30 years old. I mean, I'm not so sure you're supposed to take it literally. It also says that it's a sin to eat shrimp. What if you're gay or if you're Gandhi, you're going to hell? I mean... And if you have sex before marriage, that's, that's not immoral, that's human. What's immoral is the guy who shoved his d*ck in my face... Here's the truth. Anyone who tells you they know the answers is lying and I know I'm supposed to be this hero-idol-symbol-whatever but I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm just as scared and confused as the rest of you. I'm done pretending and I'm done taking anymore sh*t. Thank you.

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    Doesn't Bother You

    Season 1 / Episode 4

    Starlight: It doesn't bother you that I could whip your *ss in bowling? And in everything? And bench-press you?

    Hughie: Oh my God, is that a threat or a promise?

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    Season 1 / Episode 1

    Starlight: I'm a fighter, I'm going to fight, yeah... I'm going to take that son of a b*tch's head clean off.

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    A Secret

    Season 1 / Episode 6

    Starlight: Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes, my eyes light up when I... you know. 

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