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The Best Starscream Toys, Ranked

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The only Decepticon more evil and powerful than Starscream is the feared Megatron himself. While most Transformers have alternate modes that leave them land-bound, since the beginning practically all versions of Starscream turn him into a powerful fighter jet. Even Starscream's first G1 toy came stuffed to the exhaust pipes with terrifying weapons like missile launchers and cluster bombs which, if we're being honest, makes pretty much all versions of Starscream some of the coolest toys of all time. 

A mainstay in the films and on the TV shows, Starscream's looks and powers have changed dramatically over the years, but one thing has always remained constant: Every single Starscream toy has been freaking awesome.

Of course, we wanted to figure out exactly which Starscream toy is the absolute best, so we've created a list of some of the greatest Starscream toys of all time. Be sure to vote up your favorite official and third party Starscream figures and settle this thing once and for all. 

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