The Greatest Starter Pokemon Of All Time

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Every gamer who plays Pokemon has their own idea of which starter Pokemon are best. No matter which Pokemon video games are your favorite, you have preferred Pokemon starters. At the beginning of every Pokemon game, players are given the choice of three adorable partners for their adventures in Pokeland. As much as fans may believe that all Pokemon are beautiful, some of these little guys manage to work their way deeper into their hearts than the others. 

From the original to Pokemon Scarlett and Violet, there have been a whole bunch of starter Pokemon, including fan favorites like Bulbasaur and Squirtle. It's time to add them into the running for best starter Pokemon and determine once and for all just which are the most useful to have in your Poke Ball. In honor of 9 generations of Pokemon, vote up the starters that you think are best!

Latest additions: Quaxly, Fuecoco, Sprigatito
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