The Best State Nicknames

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Upvote the best offiicial state nicknames in all of 'Merica.

Did you know that every state* in the United States of America has an official state nickname? No, it's not just because they needed something clever to put on their license plates (though that does make for a fun road trip game). It's because each state has its own history and backstory that it proudly wants to let the world know about. US state nicknames can be fun and many have interesting origins, dating back through American history, that you might not have known. So which state nicknames are the best? Let's vote!

But funny state nicknames are just the beginning - most states in America also have an official state mottos, state flowers, state trees, and even state songs! Who knew? Isn't learning fun!? Of the 50 US states, each has its unique nickname, earned for a variety of reasons, from major crops, physical features of the landscape, the history of the state's people, or even big ideas thought up by the state tourism board.

So which state do you think has the best nickname?  Which one has the lamest?  Do you prefer your states named after a species of bird, a body of water, or perhaps a beaver? Perhaps most importantly, what the heck is a "Show-Me" state?

Show us which USA state nicknames you think are the most fun with an upvote and downvote those you think are overdue for an update.

*Okay, fine. Alabama doesn't technically have an official state nickname, but they do have several commonly used monikers that you might as well learn about while you're here.