The Best State Sandwiches

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The best official state sandwiches are a cross-section of everything delicious and sandwich-like the United States has to offer. Leave it to the nation that created the Cronut to go far beyond picking simple things like official state animals and state flowers to go and designate official state foods that we can associate with every US State.

There are some expected choices on the list: the Italian beef sandwich representing Illinois and the Cuban as a choice for Florida make plenty of sense given the population centers of said states. There are also glorious state sandwich choices like Tennessee's delegate, "The Elvis," a combination of peanut butter, banana, and bacon. 

What are the official state sandwiches? What state has the best official sandwich of the 50 US States (and D.C.)? With a variety of vegetarian sandwiches, sandwich alternatives, and old-fashioned meat-filled treats on the list of state sandwiches, there's a good chance you'll fall in love with your state (or another) all over again based strictly on the delicious sandwiches associated with the area. Just remember, as you're looking at this list of the best sub sandwiches, burgers, pasties, and other sandwich-style delicacies, that you cannot eat your screen. Upvote the tastiest state sandwiches FIRST, then go eat one of these drool-worthy sandwiches in real life.

Most divisive: Ohio - Fried Bologna Sandwich