The Best State Songs

A list of the best state songs. Ever wonder why you hear a particular song associated with a random state? Well, the odds are more likely than not that you'll find a song about state pride and all that fine jazz if you were to look up the anthems and songs of a particular state in the U.S. The state songs more likely than not will feature the name of the state in the song's title. Many of these songs are mostly unknown to people outside of a particular state, even residents of a state may not be familiar with their state song. There a number of states including New York, Tennessee, California to name a few that are so closely associated with a number of popular songs that you'll be surprised to learn what their official state song is. Like, you'd think that something like "New York, New York," "New York State of Mind" or "Rocky Top" would be official songs, but they aren't. 

The only state that has a song that is somewhat well known the state song for Georgia. If you haven't heard "Georgia on My Mind," you should probably take a listen to the amazing Ray Charles version of it. Same goes for Oklahoma's state song, which if you've seen the Rodgers & Hammerstein play of the same name. Otherwise, you'll be hardpressed to find a song unless you're a history nut or a trivia buff.

This is the list of the best state songs in the United States. This is your guide to finding what each American state's official song is. 
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