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The Best Steamy Romance Movies, Ranked

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Steamy romance movies can be a guilty pleasure in the form of a poorly plotted but erotically charged cinematic experience. However, some mainstream romance movies can get pretty raunchy while also garnering critical acclaim. Whether you want some mindless indulgence or a rewarding viewing experience that happens to include some steamy scenes, this list has you covered.


What films will you find here? Basic Instinct finds Sharon Stone seducing Michael Douglas – and movie-goers – with her irresistible assets. Pretty Woman - starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere - is another good steamy romance movie that was a box office sensation. In recent years, the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise combined steamy sex scenes with love and romance. Other good erotic romance movies include Ghost, Risky Business, and Unfaithful.

How will we ever determine which steamy romance movie is the best? Help us decide by giving your favorites a vote up and please add any good films we may have missed. And if you love these films, checkout our list of the best erotic thrillers.