The Best Steamy Thriller Movies

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This list contains information on the best steamy thriller movies, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best steamy thriller films come in many forms. Some good thriller films revolve around a dangerous love triangle while other good steamy thriller movies feature deadly liaisons. Many of the best salacious thriller films feature women in powerful positions.


What films will you find on this top steamy thriller movies list? Eyes Wide Shut has to be at the top. This 1999 film finds Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise – who were also married in real life during the production – exploring extramarital activities both real and imaginary. The legendary filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick directed the movie. Fatal Attraction is another engaging thriller.

Perhaps the most notable steamy thriller film is Basic Instinct, which starred Sharon Stone as a suspicious novelist. Other good passionate thrillers featured on this list include Fear, Wild Things, and The Postman Always Rings Twice.

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