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The Best Stephen King Audiobooks

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Stephen King's books are a staple of any horror or thriller fan's library. Considered one of the greatest living writers, King's books have been adapted into movies, television shows, and of course audiobooks.  The best Stephen King audiobooks add a new level of delightful terror to your commute, tasks at work, or even household chores.

A few of the best Stephen King audiobooks are even narrated by King himself, such as Desperation and The Wind Through the Keyhole: The Dark Tower. You can also choose which books in The Dark Tower series you'd rather listen to, with some narrated by Frank Muller and others by George Guidall. There are also Stephen King audiobooks that are narrated by famous actors such as the stories in Skeleton Crew, which are read by Matthew Broderick, Michael C. Hall, and Paul Giamatti, among others.

Which of these Stephen King audiobooks will you download? Try Audible and get two free audiobooks - which makes it even easier to add one of the masters of horror to your library. Vote for the Stephen King audiobooks you would recommend to any King fan and add any must-listen books we might have missed.

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