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The Best Stephen King-Inspired Costumes

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Vote up your favorite Halloween costumes inspired by Stephen King books and films.

Are you scared of clowns? If so it may have a lot to do with Stephen King's IT, a book and film that scared entire generations of children, permanently instilling a fear of all clowns. If you want to scare your entire neighborhood at Halloween, you might do well to dress as Pennywise... or really any of Stephen King's creepy characters.

But the killer clown of Derry is just one of the best Stephen King costumes (especially if Tim Curry is wearing it—sorry, creepy clowns of the woods worldwide). Costumes that get Stephen King just right are a tricky venture, considering the man is the modern Master of Horror. At least volume is on the wearer's side; given the 54 novels and almost 200 short stories King has given to the world, there are bound to be a few costumes that would make Stephen King proud.

You be the judge - vote up the best creepy costumes inspired by Stephen King books!