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The Best Jump Scares In Stephen King Movies

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Jump scares are essential to cinematic horror, and Stephen King movies are no exception. A good jump scare will make you leap out of your seat. Even the most sophisticated films of the genre contain a few good sudden spooks. Whether working with a Lewton Bus fake-out or the infamous Beverly bathroom scene in ItStephen King jump-scare moments translate terrifyingly into Hollywood movies.

It should then come as little surprise that some of the scariest films ever created are based on the works of Stephen KingCujo flips the good dog trope on its head and traps you in a car with rabid panic. Even the more humorous King entries have a few good frights - like the soda can/vending machine incident in Maximum OverdriveThe best Stephen King jump scares are bound to leave you startled, spooked, and downright shocked. Be prepared to spill some popcorn - and be warned of spoilers ahead.