The Best Television Adaptations of Stephen King's Work

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With over 50 published novels and 200 short stories, perhaps no author in the history of literature is more prolific than Stephen King. This list of Stephen King TV adaptations also proves that the horror master is one of the most adaptable commercial writers. Mr. King still treats writing as an everyday job, promising to put in at least 4-6 hours every single day, and will not stop writing until he pens at least 2,000 words. From Mr. Mercedes to Castle Rock, here is the exhaustive list of Stephen King TV shows and Stephen King TV movies.

King’s adaptations are certainly amendable. For example, his 1980 horror novella The Mist was first a feature length major motion picture released in 2007. In 2017, the novella was also adapted for the small screen on the cable channel Spike in the form of a ten-episode season. One of King’s most popular big screen adaptations came in 1980 with Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece The Shining. That film was adapted for the small screen in 1997 in a three-episode television miniseries that aired on ABC. Sometimes the adaptations stay in the same format - The Stand was adapted as a miniseries in 1994 and will be adapted again in 2019 as a limited TV series.

The King of Horror's works have translated into mini-series, made for TV movies, limited series, and long-running TV shows. Which small screen adaptation is your favorite? Which one missed the mark? Make your voice heard and vote up the best Stephen King television adaptations.

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