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The Best Video Games to Play When You're High

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Weed + Video Games = True Love. Whether you're sinking into the couch with an indica or blasting through synaptic hula hoops on a sweet sativa, video games are fun to play when you're high. 

The only problem? Choosing the best video games to play when you're high can be as much of an existential crisis as choosing the best snack: they're ALL good, man. Yet, there are some clear standouts. Rank your bake-n-play favorites! Vote up the best video games to play when you're stoned.

  • Minecraft
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    What better way to while away a high than building your own world, block by block? Let your artistic side run wild with abstract creations, go full survivalist with an underground bunker guarded by spiders - whatever you want, Minecraft is your dominion. Make a point to hike to the highest spot in you world to watch the sunrise. Just don't piss off any Creepers along the way.

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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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    Load up your texture mods and let the good times roll with this beautiful, open world ARPG. Maybe your bong rips have put you in the mood for slaying some dragons; maybe you just want to harvest lavender for a few hours and enjoy the scenery. With over 300 hours of gameplay, Skyrim makes it pretty easy to find some quest or task to suit your buzz.

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  • Mario Kart
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    Stoned driving: not cool, unless it's Mario Kart. Drift and draft your way around colorful obstacles courses with your favorite Nintendo characters to an energetic race soundtrack; what's not to enjoy? Shh, we won't talk about Rainbow Road.

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  • Journey
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    With no text or spoken dialogue,  Journey is a unique, ethereal experience of a game. As you slide and glide through an alluring environment of deserts and ruins, you're free to explore your own route, the goal on par with the emblematic title. Enjoy your favorite indica and get cozy for this atmospheric, immersive adventure.

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