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It's a pretty safe bet to say most comedians have smoked weed at least once in their lifetimes. It's probably when they were at their highest that they got their best material. However, some comedians take it to the next level and devote significant portions of their acts to how much they love weed. This can segway into other stoner-related topics, such as eating Doritos and playing Call of Duty. These are the funniest stoner comedy specials of all time, so light one up and get to voting. 

The undisputed king of stoner comedy is, without a doubt, Doug Benson. He loves weed so much he made a documentary in 2008 called Super High Me that's one of the best stoner movies around. In the film, Benson consumes or eats excessive quantities of marijuana every single day for a month. As you would expect, he goes through the challenge with flying colors. Plenty of other comedians are more low-key about their marijuana usage but are avowed stoners nonetheless. Sarah Silverman, Leslie Jones, and Tom Segura are just a few of the big names that frequent their local clinics. 

These stoner stand-up specials are the perfect way to make a Saturday afternoon just fly by. Whether or not you partake in the sticky icky, vote for your favorite specials from the best stoner comedians. 


  • Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger

    Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger

    21 votes

    In this uproarious special, Chris Rock delivers his signature blend of observational humor and biting social commentary, touching on topics ranging from race relations to relationships. His clever insights and raunchy jokes keep the audience laughing and thinking as he seamlessly transitions between topics. This performance showcases Rock's unique ability to entertain while addressing serious issues, making it a must-watch for fans of insightful comedy.

  • Considered one of the greatest stand-up performances ever, this groundbreaking special features Richard Pryor at the height of his comedic powers. His personal, raw, and unapologetic style is on full display, covering topics from racial inequality to his own tumultuous life experiences. As an early pioneer of boundary-pushing comedy, this special proves Pryor's lasting impact on the genre and remains influential to this day.

  • Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly
    Dave Chappelle, Albert Precourt
    44 votes
    • Released: 2000
    • Directed by: Stan Lathan

    Chappelle's wit and keen observations on American culture shine through in this classic special, as he tackles subjects like police brutality, politics, and Sesame Street. His effortless storytelling and ability to switch between characters captivates the audience from start to finish. As a result, this special is widely considered one of Chappelle's best and demonstrates his comedic genius.

  • Doug Benson: Doug Dynasty
    20 votes
    • Released: 2014

    Renowned for his cannabis-infused humor, Doug Benson takes center stage in this hilarious special, combining his anecdotes about marijuana usage with clever social commentary. His relaxed, conversational style makes the audience feel as if they're part of an intimate gathering. Doug Dynasty solidifies Benson as one of the funniest advocates of cannabis in comedy.

  • Katt Williams: American Hustle

    Katt Williams: American Hustle

    15 votes

    This side-splitting special sees Katt Williams riffing on everything from race relations to celebrity culture, showcasing his brilliant flair for physical comedy and unforgettable one-liners. His energetic stage presence and raw, unfiltered comedic sensibility resonate with the audience throughout. Katt Williams' unique voice and delivery have left an indelible mark on comedy.

  • Tom Segura: Mostly Stories

    Tom Segura: Mostly Stories

    23 votes

    This special is a master class in storytelling as Tom Segura weaves together humorous anecdotes and observations about everyday life. His deadpan delivery and impeccable timing ensure that the laughter never stops. Mostly Stories serves as a testament to Segura's skill as a comedian and his knack for finding humor in seemingly mundane situations.