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The Best Types of Weed for Insomnia

Updated 13 Oct 2018 1.6k votes 480 voters 6.4k views26 items

Having trouble sleeping? Here is a votable list of the best cannabis strains for insomnia. Known for their medicinal purposes, the most popular strains for helping you fall asleep can also be helpful for other symptoms, including relaxing your body and alleviating depression

Whether you're looking for an indica, sativa, or hybrid, these different types of weed for insomniacs are for medical marijuana patients and recreational smokers. If you find yourself rolling around in bed or keep looking at your phone at night, some good strains to help with insomnia include Blue Dream, GSC, Bubba Kush, and Northern Lights. 

Vote up the best strains for curing insomnia, and add any missing strains that have helped you get a good night's sleep.

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