17 Memes That Prove Bob Newby Is The Internet's New Favorite Superhero

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Superman, Captain America, Bob Newby on Stranger Things. As is the case with virtually every other role he's ever played, Sean Astin's character on Stranger Things became a fan favorite in mere minutes – beloved by all. He's been the most adorable and imminently cuddleable actor in Hollywood for decades, so it was inevitable that fans of the Netflix series would fall for him in an instant. What's more, he's seen as a true hero – nay, a superhero – inspiring the hashtag #BobNewbySuperhero.

With great Bob Newby comes great Bob Newby memes. Stranger Things memes aren't new, neither is fan art for the quirky show, which Bob Newby has also inspired. His pure innocence and grace have launched him into the pantheon of great Stranger Things characters, and, in fact, he might be the undisputed favorite. 

WARNING: There are some major SPOILERS for the end of Stranger Things 2 that will turn your world upside down if you haven't watched yet.