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The Berry, Berry Best Strawberry Flavored Things

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The strawberry is one of the most popular fruits around the globe, and because of that popularity, you can find its flavor in myriad treats for food lovers and picky eaters alike. Strawberry flavored snacks and other strawberry flavored foods are among the staples of kitchens everywhere.

From strawberry flavored candy like Starbursts and Twizzlers to strawberry flavored drinks like Sunkist strawberry soda, the flavor is in everything. And for those will a more adult evening in mind, there is strawberry flavored liquor like Svedka strawberry vodka, as well as other types of alcohol such as Seagram's Escapes strawberry daiquiri. Of course, you can't think of strawberry flavor without thinking of strawberry ice cream, and why not top off that tasty dessert with a little Hershey's strawberry syrup?

So check out the list of strawberry flavored foods and drinks below, and vote up the favorites you turn to when you're hungry or thirsty or just need a little snack. Feel free to add any treats you don't see below, then check back to see how others helped decide.