47 of the Trendiest Style Channels on YouTube

Are you looking to expand your wardrobe, spruce up your accessories, or just learn more about fashion? Look no further! The best style channels on YouTube will help teach you how to hone and develop your own personal style. With these videos, you'll learn tips and tricks for how to look fashionable and clothing-savvy wherever you go.
Bethany Mota tops our list of the best fashion and style vloggers on YouTube. She captured YouTube's attention back in 2009 when she began uploading fun, dynamic fashion videos that featured signature styles and staple pieces that she had purchased online. As of 2014, she had launched her own fashion line with Aéropostale, and had collaborated with JcPenney and Forever21 on some of their clothing designs.
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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  • Bethany Mota
    20 votes
  • LaurDIY
    16 votes


  • Fashion with Evelina
    9 votes

    Fashion with Evelina

  • shaaanxo
    18 votes


  • Tess Christine
    22 votes

    Tess Christine

  • Cutie Pie Marzia
    24 votes

    Cutie Pie Marzia